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My HNM LS resume continues to be fleshed out (FFXI)

I do an odd thing. I have zero interest in joining a HNM LS, yet I'm always thinking to myself "how would (what I'm doing now) improve my chances of getting an application accepted by one". I've been doing this for years now.

Tonight we got our Dynamis - Qufim win, which is the last win I need. Cleared for Tavnazia now! (Which would be a great thing for my resume~!) We're going to split up the LS into two runs to try it. I'm kind of hoping they need me to go more than once (since I'm not just a generic DD), but we'll see.

The run was a little rough *cough* and we got next to no AF anyone wanted (3 RDM pants... we couldn't even give the last pair away. BST pants no one wanted... etc). SAM dropped in the last couple seconds, but were lost. They were the only wanted piece. :/

We got a LS group together to kill the soulflayer and I got my BLU AF head, yay! I look scary now! I can't wait to get back to XPing, it feels like I'm going so slow... zzzz.

(And I bet BLU would be a job that would look good on my HNM LS app! Along with BRD, RDM, COR, WHM, and DRK that I already have~.)

Lastly we caught our CoP static WHM Naya up with that mini fight before the airship. We're still very up in the air about the party setup for that (not just my roll). Can't wait for CoP to be over and done with.

Tomorrow is more zNMs. I still need to get my pop item. Been putting it off, since I'm not sure if I can make it.
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