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Sleeping would be nice, brain... (RP, FFX)

I should be asleep, especially since I've been short on sleep for a week now, but brain won't shut off.

Disgruntled on FFXI. Dynamis is... frustrating and annoying, both for things that could be controlled and things that cannot. Haven't gotten a drop I wanted in months, haven't gotten a drop of any kind in weeks. If I had one 75 job and needed only a couple pieces that would be understandable, but I have six jobs I'm collecting pieces on. I'd really like to stop going, but I have so many partial sets it's killing my inventory. 4/5 BST, 4/5 RDM, 2/5 WHM, BRD, & MNK, 1/5 BLU. That's 15 slots I'd never get back unless I finish the sets and can store them.

I think I'll at least change my main lot to BLU. There are a ton of people main lotting BRD and I neither really want BRD stuff nor does it drop often. At least BLU stuff I want and it drops well... well, had been dropping well before I started leveling the job. Since then not one piece has dropped (and the LS has multiple BLU 75s, too).

I'm really, really, seriously tired of the majority of my weeks taken up with FFXI crap. Three weeknights out of five are tied up (CoP static, Dynamis, ZNMs), and one weekend day (Dynamis). That leaves me two weeknights and one weekend day off. That's just really not right, this is supposed to be a game, not a second job... Maybe I'll finish BLU (and hopefully BST) and then quit Dynamis.


RP kept me sane tonight. I majorly multitasked during Dynamis and had fun RP. Thistle learned that the Reef exists, EEEEEEE! Scene ended with him running off and getting lost returning to the ship to ask Cid if they could go there next.

Scary: I was RPing with a headwiz alt without knowing it! And I had hit on him/flirted with him endlessly before I knew. :P It's cool that the game has a headwiz as pervy as me, but still: eek! What if he hated me? What if my RP sucked? (It wasn't up to par, I was multitasking!) What if he kicks me off the gaaaaammmmeeeee! *sob*

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