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Oh BSG, I hope this isn't real.

This Pegasus ep, where they find another ship, is killing me. How could finding more humans be such an awful thing? Every single encounter between the Pegasus crew and the BSG crew leaves me disliking the Pegasus crew members -- that has to be on purpose, it has to be written that way. Why?

But the worst thing is the "Cylon interrogator". Cylon rapist. WTF? God, they're the enemy, yeah. You kill them, they kill you. But making a Cylon woman available to be raped by every man on a giant ship? Hundreds of men? Just... WTF. D: D:

This other ship isn't good for the BSG crew. I hope it's not real, I hope it's some kind of Cylon trick or something. I hope by the end of the ep they each go their own way.

I've never posted in the middle of an ep before, but this is killing me. The poor, poor Number Six on the Pegasus... I don't care that she's the enemy. You don't treat another living thing that way, "toaster" or not.
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