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BSG questions...

Most of these questions/issues will be rhetorical, since you all won't be able to answer without spoiling me.

1) My first and only issue with BSG! It annoys me when there's a big crowd or gathering of cylons and we see only models we know are cylons. There are 12 of them, right? At this point I know... um, five or six of them. Why the heck when we're in an occupied city full of cylons do we only see the ones we know? Walking down a street, sitting in a cafe, I'd think the other models should be around as much as the ones we know... (I know they're doing it to keep it a secret, but it doesn't make sense...)

2) Since unfortunately I know the Chief is a cylon, and the other cylons must know he's one of the models, he's had a baby with what's her name, so there's a human/cylon baby for them right under their noses in the new occupied city... (And as much as it annoys me knowing that spoiler, it sure did make one scene amusing. When the Dean Stockwell cylon was talking to Chief about Chief thinking he was a cylon, the Dean one said something like "Because I'm a cylon and I never saw you at any of the meetings". Heehee.)

3) What the heck is up with Admiral Adama's mustache? *UGH*

I'm watching too fast. :( I'm on the third ep of season three. I'm going to be caught up soon, arg! Then what will I watch?

Oh, and "frak" has to be the smartest thing ever. It stands in so well for a curse. With so many characters being military they really do need to curse, and "frak" feels so right to the ear. It actually feels like a better curse than "fuck". "Fuck" is a softer sounding word, "frak" is nice and hard and sharp.
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