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Happy birthday to two great people (who taste great together?)!

Happy happy birthday to two of my oldest Internet friends! Isn't it handy that you both share the same birthday? Yay!

fealubryne and firebyrd!

Look! It's MUSH-Thistle icon! I dusted it off for you two~! What, you expected more of a gift than that? Okay, let's see what I can find on my work computer...

Ah ha! How about a picture of a Bingo? Done by Delee~ (Hope that link works...)

And hey look, a RP log! Random Grayson/Sly with assorted Rocket NPCs. Sorry not one of your characters. :D

Sly - Friday, November 01, 2002, 8:22 AM

Liana, Fay's baby
Nidoran(F) welcomes || //_______ _
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Pokemon Evolutions

"connect guest guest" connects you as a guest.
"connect [name] [password]" connects you to an existing character.
"QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.
"news" lists files on theme issues.
"help" and "+help" give help on the commands.


STORIES: Watch the public board (+bbread 1) as well as the Announce board (+bbread 5) and the IC News board (+bbread 3) for GMed scenes, ONSes, and TPs you can get involved in!
FEATURE CHARACTERS: The new command +fc will allow players and guests to access a list of open roles.
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Last connect was from on Thu Oct 31 17:11:30 2002.
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Team Rocket HQ: Hallway
Obvious exits:
[Bus] leads to Bus Station.
Grayson leads to Team Rocket HQ: Grayson's Room.
[Sly]'s Room leads to Team Rocket HQ: Sly's Room.
[Kitchen] leads to Team Rocket HQ: Kitchen.
[Lounge] leads to Team Rocket HQ: Lounge.
Back leads to Sugarcandy Mountain (Thistle's Office).
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Player Name Idle Location
Sly 0s Team Rocket HQ: Hallway
Kathryn 9m 49s Mountains - Grandpa Canyon: Canyon Depths
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Grayson has connected.
[OOC] Sly says "Morning."
[OOC] Grayson waves.
[OOC] Sly says "Well, looks like I have time to RP, if you still need to see command."
[OOC] Grayson nods and cools.
[OOC] Sly says "You want to start?"
[OOC] Grayson says "Sure."
Early morning in Rocket HQ - or moderately early, at least. After time in the training room working out with Harry, and a quick 'dex call to Viridian with both on one end of the connection, Grayson finishes his breakfast off, cleans up after himself and then heads out to the front desk to see who's on duty. It may be early, but the tall Rocket has had a fairly busy day already.
Larry is on duty this morning, and is just finishing up with a call as Grayson enters the lobby. The man scans the large room, making note of who is here. And lots of folks are here. With the weather nicer today than it has been in a while, quite a number of Rockets seem to be meeting here and making plans to go elsewhere.
Grayson can't help but see sunlight on snow through the lobby doors, and can't help but wince at the brightness of it. He heads over to the front desk with a nod for Larry, making sure the Guard knows that he's on his way before he actually arrives. Still in T-shirt and sweatpants, the tall Rocket says a quiet, "Morning," preparing to lean up against the desk as usual when speaking with one of the guards. A wary ear is kept open in case someone's about to make trouble.
The guard doesn't miss Grayson coming. "Morning," Larry replies somewhat curtly. After one last checking of the room, he turns more of his attention to the Hunter. "What do you need?" he gets right to the point. A trio of boys come down the stairs, walking but laughing loudly. They get a glance from Larry, but nothing more as they head for the front door.
Grayson's reply is equally brief and to the point. "Command," he says quietly. "Anyone in yet?" He leans one narrow hip up against the desk, turned a little so that the largest concentration of people can be watched out of the corner of his eye; the trio of laughing lads receive a glance but little more attention than that from the tall Rocket.
The three boys go out into the snow, and before the door can close another small group follows them out. Somehow, even with the leaving of the two sets, the lobby gets no emptier. Larry nods and replies, "Sean is. He'll be in Command all day." A girl enters the lobby from the direction of the kitchen, headed for the stairs leading up. At her side is held a mug of something steaming. It's kept close to her body, as if she was trying to hide it. Larry doesn't miss it though, and waits to see if she's going to try to sneak it upstairs.
Grayson nods. "Thanks," he replies, smiling just a little. "I appreciate it. I'll 'dex ahead, looks like you're having a busy day of it." He pulls his 'dex out of his back pocket, leaning away from the desk and turning towards the stairs. "Have a good one," he nods to Larry calmly, then starts off in that direction, dialling Sean as he goes.
Larry nods to Grayson, but his next words aren't addressed to him. "Sally! No food upst-" He pauses as she opens her mouth, but he doesn't give her a chance to speak, "Food *or* drink! Keep it down here!" She frowns a little, but steps down off the first step. Larry then nods to Grayson again. "You, too." Some of the teens near Sally snicker and make little comments about her failed attempt. The dex call is answered quickly. "Sean here."
Grayson smirks a little as someone else gets yelled at, but the expression is already fading when the 'dex is answered. "Sean, it's Grayson," he says as he heads for the stairs. "I need to talk to you, Sandra or Max, and fairly soon. I'd say it wasn't the most important thing in the world, but it's not entirely trivial. Want me to come back later?"
Sean listens and then sits back in his chair as he replies. "Sandra's out for a few days, so if you want to talk about it now, you talk to me. I'm free until 9:30," about a half hour from now. "Come now if you want." From the look of the background, Sean is in Central Command. Someone is moving up the stairs as Grayson goes down, but she automatically sticks to one side, allowing room for them to pass each other.
Grayson automatically sticks to the other side of the stairs as he nods. "Thanks," he tells Sean, "I'll be right there." He glances over at whoever's on the stairs with him, then returns his attention to the screen, waiting for Sean to close the connection first. His steps are slow, at the moment, with his concentration elsewhere.
Aie! Peppy and Aurora's puppies are headed for the database! Better save! (Saving)
The person on the stairs is just an average Rocket "grunt"; she's been around enough for Grayson to have seen her now and then, but they never spoke to each other. Up she goes to the lobby. Sean nods and sits forward again, closing the dex and thus the connection. When Grayson reaches it, he'll find the door to Central Command open a couple inches.
Grayson tucks his 'dex away again when the connection is closed, offering the girl on the stairs a polite nod as his steps speed up. He strides over towards the fractionally-open door, calm, the only ping the ever-so-faint background ping that rarely leaves him. Three sharp taps on the door and he opens it, glancing around to see who else is in before turning his eyes to Sean with a quiet, "Thanks."
In the back of the room are a couple people working on the computers there. Sean is seated at the table in Sandra's usual spot at the head of it. Stationed by the door is a guard, though not one that usually works the front desk. August is here as well, though she's rising from her seat as Grayson comes in. Sean nods to the Hunter, but August smiles and says, "Morning." She circles around the table so that she can leave.
Grayson nods politely to Sean and the guard, offering August a smile and a quiet, "Morning," in return. "Didn't mean to turf you out," he tells August gently, apologising as best he can; a few moments later he's stepping up to the usual seat he uses when speaking with Sandra, not the closest but not far from it. "May I?", he asks of Sean, still calm, still quiet.
August shakes her head no, which causes her blonde ponytail to brush back and forth across her shoulders. "I was going anyway." Then go she does, closing the door all the way as she leaves. Sean nods that Grayson can sit, then sits back in his chair and waits for the Hunter to get settled. "What's the news?" he'll ask as soon as Grayson is. The guard remains by the door, seemingly not watching Grayson... but of course really is. Visitor-monitoring is what he's here for, after all.
Grayson shrugs. "The news isn't news at all, really," he says quietly. "Sooner or later, Sly's going to challenge me and win. I give him two years at the absolute outside, more likely one or less. I'd like to have Command approval to educate him in leadership now rather than the hard way later. The reason I need your approval is that I can't do it myself." He shrugs again. "See what I meant?"
Sean nods to the first part; young Hunters needing to beat older ones isn't done every time, but it's common enough to be known. The second half is questioned. "Leadership of your group," he confirms. "Or do you mean more?" Though the guard is ignored by Sean, he is not forgotten. Wording is carefully chosen.
Grayson nods. "Of the group," he says quietly, "But perhaps more, when he settles down in a few years. I've spoken to my two friends, they've agreed to teach him what they can, but I'd like Command's help too - he should get to know the people we work with better, if nothing else, and there are a couple of courses that might be useful. Not to mention the books and videos he should see but I can't give him."
Sean frowns at Grayson, and while it's a mostly thoughtful frown, it's not totally thought-backed -- part of it is just a real frown. "What you do in your own group is up to you and the others." There he pauses, frowning a bit more. "When Sandra returns, I'll pass your request on to her," is what he gives Grayson, not more than that. He watches the Hunter steadily as he waits for reply.
Grayson nods, smiling just a little, remaining calm and peaceful. "Thanks," he says quietly. "I appreciate it. When he does take over, I'm going to need to be reassigned elsewhere, I think, while he gets his feet under him." A pause. "Anything else while I'm here?"
Sean tilts his head, acknowledging the first part of what Grayson said. The question gets a head-shake. "No, that's it. If we need you, we'll call." Sean then sends a look to the guard, who opens the door. "Sandra will be back in the middle of next week," Sean tells Grayson.
Grayson nods. "I'll give her a week to think it over when she does get back, then get in touch and find out what she says," he smiles quietly. "Thanks." He rises to his feet, tucking the chair away neatly under the table and then turning towards the door without further delay.
Sean nods once more to Grayson. "You're welcome," he says, then goes back to work as the other Rocket exits. The guard nods to Grayson and then will close the door behind him. The hallway outside Central Command is empty of people, though not totally quiet; voices from the main lobby drift down the stairs.
Grayson turns back towards the training room with a final nod for the guard. It's time to go talk a few more things over with Harry, and have another conversation over the 'dex network with Alan. There's a lot to be done, after all.
[OOC] Sly guesses that's an end?
[OOC] Grayson says "Unless you want me to bump into Brian?"
[OOC] Sly says "Oh yeah. I have time if you want to."
[OOC] Grayson says "Cool."
[OOC] Sly says "Where did we say the Intelligence "office" was? In Central Command?"
[OOC] Grayson says "Somewhere on the bottom floor. Probably attached to Central, but not part of it, if you know what I mean."
[OOC] Sly nods. I think so, yeah.
Along with the voices, something else drifts down the stairs. Intelligence Brian walks with mug of coffee in hand, folder held loosely in his other hand. He's headed for Central Command. Seeing Grayson doesn't appear to surprise him, though it does put a little twist to his lips -- not exactly a smile or a smirk or a frown, but an odd mix of them.
Grayson's eyes narrow a touch as he takes in Brian's expression, but his nod and quiet, "Good morning, Brian," are polite enough. He doesn't like the Intelligence man and he makes no bones about it, but he's prepared to tolerate him - for now, at least. One question niggles, though. "How's Jack, any news?"
Brian lifts his mug and takes a drink as he gets closer, though the action is rote and just a cover for his mental actions. His eyes slip shut as he sips, perhaps in enjoyment of the brew. When he lowers the mug they reopen. A couple of paces away, he stops. "Gone." Lips are still, the smile/smirk/frown gone from them... but not from his eyes. He's got the information and Grayson doesn't.
Anger flares, tightly-controlled within moments. "Don't play games with me and I won't play games with you," Grayson says quietly, eyes narrowing further. "When you say 'gone', Brian, what do you mean? Dead? Left? Moved house?" He watches the Intelligence man carefully, trying to pick up even the slightest alteration in expression.
Physically, Brian is very still. There's a touch of distance to his eyes as he listens to and watches Grayson. Before he speaks, one corner of his lips lift into a half-- something. Half-smile or half-smirk. "Gone." For a couple heartbeats he lets the word remain there unexplained. When the time is right, just before Grayson's anger ups further (or in a moment if it won't change), he goes on. "Left town. Went on a vacation and vanished." A sip of coffee is taken, but again it's just an unimportant physical action, most of Brian's focus is on what's going on inside Grayson. "You pushed him too far," he claims.
Grayson simply waits for the answer, keeping very tight reins on his emotions. To the news that Jack left on vacation and vanished he simply nods - and he doesn't disagree with having pushed the cop too far. "I gave him his fantasy," the tall Rocket says quietly. "He didn't realise that he couldn't handle it." A touch of the darker feelings he got, watching the cop get raped repeatedly by the Rockets, surfaces; where at any other time he'd cut it off before it got any strength at all, this time he doesn't. "I tried my best with him. For him."
Grayson has disconnected.
Grayson has connected.
Grayson simply waits for the answer, keeping very tight reins on his emotions. To the news that Jack left on vacation and vanished he simply nods - and he doesn't disagree with having pushed the cop too far. "I gave him his fantasy," the tall Rocket says quietly. "He didn't realise that he couldn't handle it." A touch of the darker feelings he got, watching the cop get raped repeatedly by the Rockets, surfaces; where at any other time he'd cut it off before it got any strength at all, this time he doesn't. "I tried my best with him. For him."
Brian's head makes a small jerk to one side at what he's picking up on, and a look if strong distaste crosses his face. This time his sip of coffee is purposeful. "We have people out looking for him, as does PokeForce." Brian starts walking again, intending to pass Grayson to get to Central Command. "He was last seen in Cinnabar. If you spot him, you report to us first," more instruction than order, though just barely.
Grayson cuts the darker feelings off the moment Brian responds to them, his point made. "You might want to check with a blue-haired kid who works on the information desk at the ferry terminal," he says quietly. "The kid may well have seen him. Other than that I'll be heading there myself, sometime soon. I'll keep my eyes open while I'm there." This time, it's worry that surfaces, genuine worry for the cop. "If he's found, let me know. Whether you want me to carry on working with him or not when you do find him." More instruction than order, though just barely.
Brian nods to the information abut the blue haired teen as he walks, not bothering to stop. To the instruction, Brian shakes his head no. He shifts the folder into the hand with the mug as he nears Central Command's door. "He's not yours anymore." With a hand now freed, he'll be able to turn the knob once he's crossed the last couple steps. "You fucked up," since Grayson accepted the blame earlier, Brian continues it now. "You don't get access to him anymore, if he's found."
More anger, again tightly restrained. "I only fucked up because I gave him what he asked for," the tall Rocket points out, fighting to stay calm. "But whether I get access to him or not, I want to know if he's alive and how he is. It's important." The anger vanishes in a moment, replaced by gentle sorrow. "I'm a different man now. And I know a lot more than I did." For a bare moment, he opens himself up, the evidence writ large on his soul - and then the iron control returns. "Good luck with finding him."
Brian looks over his shoulder at Grayson's change in tone as he reaches for the doorknob. The Hunter doesn't get a definite answer. "Mm," Brian replies, then knocks and goes into Central Command before anything more can be said. He closes the door behind himself. Grayson is left alone in the lower lobby once more.
Grayson sighs, turning towards the training room in the hope that there won't be anyone else there now - except perhaps Harry. The sudden urge to pound on one of the punching bags for an hour or three rose when the door to Central Command closed, a safer way to express the anger than heading out into the forest for a run in winter.
[OOC] Sly snickers. Good ending spot?
[OOC] Grayson grins. Sure. :)

Skimming, that actually just looks like Grayson/various NPCs. Ha, I had forgotten how many and how fun our NPCs had been. :D I should reread these logs from start to finish one day.
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