Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Round One: Thistle! (And Escaflowne)

This was going to be just a post about Escaflowne and the weekend, but I paused to run to the bathroom first... and discovered an invasion. Ants! Gah! I hate hate hate ants! This damned apartment seems to attract them (I never had a single ant in my old place).

But this time, I was prepared.

Ant poison, ant bait.

My bathroom now stinks, I'll probably get cancer, my cat can't sit on the shelf or drink from the sink anymore, but for the moment all the ants are dead! Bwahaha!

Actually, so far, I've been lucky. The ants invaded my living room twice and my bathroom twice, but never the kitchen. I'd go crazy if ants were near my food...

Anyway, the weekend and Escaflowne. The MUSH is at under half-staff (four of seven folks are away for the weekend), so that means my butt is even less likely to leave this chair (plus I'm GMing on Saturday). So I decided to watch the Escaflowne "special edition" movie I bought a while ago. One disk of the movie, one of "extras" (boring), one of the soundtrack.

A number of years ago, I saw Escaflowne when it was shown on broadcast TV. I loved it, but a lot of people told me it was butchered, so I was happy to spot this movie. I had assumed it was the Japanese version of the series, but... if that's true, then the "butchered" version was better. It made more sense, had ups and downs in its plot. Ah well, what I really need to do is find the eps themselves on DVD.
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