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Haven't posted about FFXI lately... and a new MMO.

So amazingly burnt out on FFXI. As soon as BLU hits 75 (should be tomorrow), I'm taking a break (semi-break, will still go to CoP static and events). Funny that I had actually wanted to level BLU in parties (unlike most of my other jobs), but I couldn't get any. So very annoying, I only had a grand total of two XP invites since level 50.

I ran Damask to Bastok (ugh, Jeuno <-> Bastok sucks) so he could start gold. Did 1-20, which was more painful than cloth 1-90. Hate gold so much.

Dynamis continues to be dry. As it's zero fun, it's hard to keep going when I get nothing. (If I were collecting for just one set and needed only one piece or two, I could understand getting nothing on a regular basis. But I'm collecting for six sets and need a ton of pieces still...)

Irony: I decided to start leveling BLU because the BLU body dropped to me. Now, 60-something levels later, I still have only that one piece! Ha ha ha ha. It's been my main lot for months, too.

While lurking on my LJ random image sites, I found some pictures for a really cute MMO I never heard of. Ether Saga. Googling showed me that it was in beta, so after jumping through hoops for a beta key (seriously, it took me almost an hour of signing up on boards and doing various tasks -- you had to make a forum post, answer a random user's technical question, and other such crap like clicking on a minimum number of banner ads). But, since I'm going to go on a MMO vacation, I thought maybe this new game could take the place of WoW -- and it'd be free!

I spent way way longer signing up and installing than I did playing. Meet Thistle, an animal turned into a boy with a pet fox who is in love with me -- seriously, it's scary. Scary and poorly translated, the fox keeps calling me his princess. Or is there something about Thistle that we don't know?!

The game was amazingly odd. The characters all spoke full sentences (whatever the text dialogue was), but it was in some foreign language. Sounded like Japanese but not quite, so I'm going to guess Korean. The background music was really funny, generic "Chinese" music you'd hear in a Chinese restaurant.

The controls killed me. "Click a place on the screen and your character runs there" is so amazingly clunky. You could use W-A-S-D as well, but that's backwards than what I use on FFXI (number pad), so it was frustrating to try to make that work.

I spent most of my time killing tree stumps with my fox boyfriend pet. I'll give the game one thing: Mobs respawn in about 5 seconds. I didn't have to walk at all to XP, they just kept respawning as soon as I killed them.

I feel like I should write more about FFXI, but I can't think of anything else I've been doing. I think I've been blocking it out of my memory. That or beating on walls in Campaign for 12 hours a day has rotted my brain.
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