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BSG has changed...

Back in the first season, I loved every single character. Major or minor, there wasn't a single one I disliked. Now, in the fourth season, I dislike almost all of them.

Starbuck: Insane. Annoying. And to quote veloxe: Slut. I dislike her more and more every time I see her.

Anders: As plain as white bread... except when he's annoying. Starbuck walks all over him, fools around on him, talks crap about their marriage, but the moment she says "frack me" he's on top of her and ready to go. Have some pride, man. God.

Lee: What's plainer than white bread? It's Lee! The political plots are the worst, and they seem to be all that Lee's about now (having left the military for a political job and all...).

The threesome between those three is boring and annoying. Everytime two of the kiss and/or make out, I end up rolling my eyes and pausing the ep to do something else for a while. Ironically, even Anders/Lee would do nothing for me. The two of them are just so damned plain, boring, and goody-goody.

I just finished the ep where Cally got killed. I used to love her character more than anything, but she became so amazingly annoying and boring. (Sensing a theme here?) You'd think I'd have felt bad when what's her name tossed her out an airlock, but I just grumped 'Good' in my head. (Really, were we supposed to feel bad?)

I had a much much bigger reaction to the cylons wanting to lobotomize the raiders. Ever since that ep about Scar, I've wanted to know more about them -- how they're trained, what they're like, everything. Lobotomizing them seemed incredibly cruel.

Adama and Roslin are the only two left who I have positive feelings for (though the cylon that Dean Stockwell plays amuses me endlessly). It's really hard to like a series when you dislike all the characters. I'm really disappointed in this change. (Though at least the series isn't eating my brain anymore?)
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