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Okay, wait, hold on... (BSG)

So here I am, watching Razor (I couldn't resist new story!). Watching, watching, hmm this isn't so bad, I was expecting it to be a lot worse. I didn't like Admiral Cain, so I was expecting to not like the miniseries about her, but it turns out it's pretty good.

Until we learn Cain and Gina (Six) were a couple. That's all well and good, I just sort of blinked and smiled that they'd add something like that into the show... then my mind jumped ahead. This was the Six that the entire ship was raping. Cain had been in a relationship with her... and then let every man on the ship rape her as often as they wanted to.

Ahhhhhhh, WTF. D: That's so messed up! I didn't think I could like Cain any less, but... Bah.

PS: I enjoy how biblical the BSG names are. Cain, Saul! I've always liked the name Saul, but you don't see it around much. (Cain is a tad obvious though.)
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