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This week's cooking: Lemon chicken! (RL, FFXI, WoW)

Cooking: I know I said I wasn't going to do anything other than follow the recipes word for word until I get better at this, but tonight I had to make an exception. I wanted to make lemon chicken, but the recipe said to deep fry the chicken and I'm doing this to try to be healthy... so no deep frying. Looking around online I found a different way to cook the chicken chicken part of it, though it was still fried. The sauce I followed word for word (even though it called for five tablespoons of sugar -- gah!).

Ewww~ I touched raw chicken! I touched it a lot! I cut them in half so they'd be only half as thick, then put them in flour, then tossed them into a frying pan with a little heated oil. So it's still fried, but not deep fried? I guess it was because of the flour that they got nice and golden and crispy on the outside? Mmmmm.

The sauce was simple. A ton of sugar, some lemon, and some rice vinegar (which I hope is the same as rice wine vinegar, I couldn't find one with 'wine' in the name), water, and some corn starch (called for potato starch, but I couldn't find that either). The sauce didn't get thick until after I had eaten and it cooled, so it was a tad more runny than it should have been, but boy was it good.

I forgot to salt and pepper the chicken, but it still tasted wonderful so I guess 5 tablespoons of sugar will cover a lot of errors. :P

A! I'd have given it an A+ if it had been done with less sugar and maybe baking the chicken instead of pan frying. Amazingly yummy (I had a hard time not eating the leftovers!), if not as healthy as I would have liked.


FFXI/WoW: On Friday night I had FFXI stuff to write about, but now I've totally forgotten what they were. c.c I suppose it was Damask finishing his crafting (gold and alchemy subs done) so I never have to skill crafting again. (Though at some point he might need his leather sub done, so we'll see at that time.)

I finally turned WoW back on. I still don't feel like playing it, but as I don't feel like playing FFXI either I'm rather bored. I bought the two expansions as well, so I'm finally up to date. (Nai took me around and showed me new cities and stuff!)

Saturday I returned to the game as 50, today I'm nearly 53 (all that done with rested XP). I'm the slowest leveler ever~ I hate XPing, but... there's not much more to do than that. Still, I get to fly around and I have my kittypet back, so I'm happy enough.

Once I hit 55 I'm going to make a Death Knight on the server all the ex-FFXI LS folks are on.
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