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FFXI and WoW

Such a creative subject line!

Tonight I discovered something on FFXI. I actually still enjoy it when I have something to do!

We did the 3x3 Sea NMs stage of CoP mission. Next week is escort, week after is towers, week after is final BC and then we're done!

It's very odd, but once I'm finished with CoP I'll have beaten FFXI (sort of, if such a thing can be done). All the ZM, CoP, ToAU, and Wings missions will be finished. This becomes an issue, when you note my discovery mentioned in the second paragraph. What am I going to do next? Level another job to 75? Been there, done that x6. Craft? Ha ha, I have a finished crafting mule for all crafts but two. I don't want to quest just for questing sake. I don't need to make money, so things like farming are out. I'm bored of Dynamis. What's that leave?

Hm. I guess I had been planning a MMM static. 60K XP in three-ish hours is nothing to sneeze at, and that sure would count as something new. Nyzul Isle was something I've been pondering, though I'm a little wary of trying to lead a group myself since I have neither experience nor a sense of direction.

Maybe I'll tackle MMM next... *ponder*

WoW: What an exciting night! I decided to deal with getting my skinning uncapped. (It's been stuck at 300 for ages, since I didn't have the expansions.) But how to get to the Outlands? I read about the portal and asked on the MUX, so I set off on the long, long trip to it (I had no flightpath nearby, never been in that area before). Got to the portal... nothing happened. Level 58 required, I was 53. Oops! Ha. D suggested that I go back to the city and offer to buy a spell trip thingie there, so I did. Other than that my first two requests on /trade offered gil instead of gold (*cough* I always roll my eyes at people who confuse gold/gil on FFXI!*cough*), but on the third I said gold and someone did it for me.

I landed in an odd city. Pretty but odd. Full of laughing NPCs. (WTF? Endlessly laughing, it was very strange.) Problem was, the NPC I needed was in Thrallmar. I looked at the map. No worries! Short run! Just follow the road!

Ha ha ha ha ha. Nevermind the roads were swarming with mobs. I don't mean they were wandering near them, they were in the road. I died more this evening than I have my entire time playing WoW and FFXI put together. At one long stretch of road, I moved one or two steps, died, raised, one or two steps... It was full of some sort of humanoid things (orcs?), and they had a taste for beef. :/

Eventually I made it though, yay! Got my skinning cap raised to 375 and logged. Had no time for anything else.
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