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Almost fitting icon? (WoW)

I should make a glowy kitty icon!

I'm really, really impressed with my pet (or had incorrect expectations of WoW). I had thought that as I got higher level, I'd stop being able to handle mobs above me in level? (In FFXI, at low levels you can solo mobs equal to or stronger than you. That very quickly ends and you can only solo things much lower level than you.) I had to go to a slightly too high level zone to drop some quest items off (Winterspring, what a pretty place!) and I got jumped by four mobs at once. I was 54. One was 53, one was 55, two were 56. I was able to get all the hate pretty quickly moved onto my kitty, and he tanked them (and did most of the killing on them). I used mend pet once total. Yeah, 56 was just two levels higher, but with that many mobs I would have thought it'd be more of a problem. (The other night we killed something four levels higher, but that was a single mob.)

I can't wait to go back to Winterspring. Such a pretty zone and I love whatever the squat waddling whatever-they-are beastmen there (Furbolg?). They remind me of the cute owl-person things in some forest zone I XPed in.

No FFXI plans on Thursday or Friday, so I'll get some uninterrupted playtime. I'll probably hit 55 tomorrow, but I have no idea how I'm going to handle more than one character. I know that's common for WoW, but in FFXI you generally have just one...
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