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What a boring weekend... (WoW, FFXI)

At the rate I'm going, I'm going to have to find some non-videogame thing to do.

Opening Death Knight has been the most fun thing I've done on WoW so far. I love how "backwards" it is (how often in a zombie movie are you with the zombies attacking the town instead of one of the townspeople?). I love how the NPCs "aggro" you by screaming and begging for their lives when you come near. I loved the feel of the whole starter area. I loved how the Lich King whispered sweet nothings into my ear, distracting me while I was doing quests.

The final "CS" was damned confusing though, and I was surprised to see I could die during it (because I did!). I left the whole area after the battle ended and couldn't find what to do next. Eventually I wandered close enough to notice some NPCs were talking to each other, so I listened in case there would be a clue. Turns out it was more of the CS. WTF? What a, um, different way to handle CSs. c.c *cough*

I was muchly sad at the end of the storyline. (OMG spoiler coming!) You turn into a good guy after all that? BAH! I wanted to keep working for the Lich King! That was interesting! Different! Cool! But again, man, the whole storyline was so messed up and cool. Killing innocent people, killing the person from your past who remembers you... good stuff. If only it had stayed like that.

Speaking of, this is the funniest effect ever.

The townspeople didn't like me while they thought I was still evil!

Unfortunately, once I totally finished Death Knight and had to go back to normal XPing, I lost 100% of my interest in it. If I was going to XP, I might as well do it on my Hunter-- hey, wonder how he's doing? So I switched characters, and recoiled from the screen. I just a couple days, I had forgotten how eye-bleedingly ugly he was. Blah. So I could play a job I liked less on a good looking character or the job I like on a horribly ugly character. Turns out I did neither! I couldn't make myself go gather 10 bloody wolf claws or 15 voodoo flasks or whatever the NPCs wanted me to do.

I wish DK could have stayed different. (I liked the beginning so much I dreamed about it two nights in a row!). I like my horse an awful lot (it's so fast! Faster than my hunter's mount +20% extra), but I just can't bring myself to do these same quests again. Not just again once, but now for two characters. Blah.

So, for lack of anything else to do, I logged onto FFXI. A low level BLU was hunting spells, so I helped for a couple hours. Then... nothing. Been standing in my MH for hours. Blah.

Where has my interest in the games gone! WoW I kind of expected this (my interest rarely lasts more than a week), but why won't my love for FFXI come back?

Don't make me find some new hobby, you two, because I will. ~.~
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